An Invitation to enjoy true Tuscan hospitality

Agriturismo Braccicorti opened in 1996, welcoming its first guests after the renovation of the old 20th century traditional stone farm house and barn that surround the main family house and characteristic stone terrace.
A typical Garfagnana Farm, cultivating various crops and fruits on its terraces. The ambience of the farm and its location makes one want to taste the warmth of a family welcome and the flavours of local specialities, in most of which are Organic products of the farm, respecting environment and our health.
'Happiness from small things' is what we want to give our guests; peace and tranquillity from our countryside, and company with which to discover the secrets and beautiful areas of Garfagnana.

3-ears class
Tuscany 3-ears class
(on a 1-3 range)

The Giovannetti family

The Giovannetti family, consisting of Bruno and her daughters Lucia and Angela, have created and passionately run Braccicorti. Bruno is an expert on all aspects of Garfagnana and its mountains, an alpine and mountain bike guide, but also a naturalistic photographer (he did all the photos of the website). Lucia, teacher and archaeologist, gladly shares her knowledge and understanding on the history and traditions of Garfagnana with the guests. Angela look after the kitchen and the products cultivated in Braccicorti.
To summarize, the family forms a varied group with their experiences and interests, that will help you to make the most of your experience in Garfagnana, along with other members of the family: Rupert who runs and operates 'Garfagnana Adventures' for tours in Garfagnana, Pierluigi, an official hiking guide and designer of this website, and nephews Zaccary and Emily.

Part of the family are the dogs Elvis and Dora, faithful companions of excursions (pay attention, if they see you with rucksacks, they will want to come with you!), The cats Pezza, Gattamaria and Lola, all who settled here voluntarily (and we do not know where they come from), as well as Filippo, the rooster, the hens Antonia, Lina, Getrude ... and 20 other co-workers of the hen house.

For the environment

WGarfagnana naturallye believe in protecting the environment and landscape, so we felt that the sustainability through:

  • energy photovoltaic panels integrated on roof
  • solar panels for hot water
  • recycling and composting plan
  • lack of disposable products
  • organic farming and cultivation of local species
  • prevalent use of food at "zero km"

Associazione In Garfagnana Our farmhouse is member of  Garfagnana Produce association