a welcoming place

Braccicorti farmhouse

An invitation to the farmyard’s warmth

The ospitality in Braccicorti began in 1996 after the renovation of an old farm, a small green oasis where you can relax and make base to discover the beauties of Garfagnana.

Happiness from small things‘ is what Giovannetti family, who have established and run the farm Braccicorti with passion, wants to offer to their guests.

Expect a lot of friendliness and the company of friendly animals (dogs, cats and chickens) in a peaceful countryside.

Cultivating tradition and local agrobiodiversity

The crops (vegetables, spelt, corn, potatoes, wine, apples, small fruits) grown with a sustainable method, are arranged on ancient terraces and from these products we obtain traditional and genuine dishes.

Currently we produce, depending on the season, spelt, local varieties of corn and apples, red wine (local variant of ‘sangiovese‘), jams with seasonal fruit, fresh eggs, potatoes and other vegetables from our garden.

We are part of the Garfagnana Food and Agrobiodiversity Community, which promotes the protection and enhancement of local species and breeds, sustainable production methods, and short and ecological food supply chains.

For a Sustainable Tourism

Agriturismo Braccicorti adheres to the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism, a practical management tool that enables Protected Areas to develop tourism sustainably and commits operators to take action to protect the environment and develop the local economy.

These are the concrete actions we have committed to follow:

  • Electricity: producing renewable energy with an 18,4 kWp photovoltaic system
  • Consumption: we constantly monitor energy and water consumption
  • Light bulbs: we are replacing all incandescent bulbs
  • Lighting: most of the outdoor lights are automatically switched on with presence detectors or timers
  • Irrigation: we have installed automatic and timed irrigation systems in the green spaces around the accommodation and the swimming pool
  • Toilets: they are equipped with a water-saving double-button and flush cut-off system
  • Waste: we separate waste by different types of waste (paper and cardboard, glass and plastic), compost organic waste and properly dispose of hazardous waste (batteries, electrical equipment, light bulbs, waste oil, etc.)
  • Disposable: when preparing packed lunches we eliminate single-use cutlery and packaging and reduce food waste
  • Drinking water: at meals we only provide natural water from the aqueduct in jugs
  • Detergents: we use at least 50% biodegradable and environmentally friendly detergents and cleaners
  • Toilet paper: we only use toilet paper made from recycled paper
  • Linen change: we only change towels and bed linen at the end of each stay
  • Enogastronomy: for meals, we use as much as possible our seasonal fruit and vegetables, our eggs, our wine and buy the rest wherever possible from local producers, we promote the purchase of food and wine products from local suppliers and support the activities of the ‘Food and Biodiversity Community of Garfagnana‘ of which we are a member
  • Hiking routes: we have created a number of hiking routes of varying lengths with departure and arrival at our agriturismo, therefore without the need to use means of transport
  • Transport: we promote the use of bicycles, public transport and train

We invite our guests to support our choice, asking them to use water, lighting and heating without waste, to separate waste in the appropriate bins, to buy local and seasonal food products, to discover the area on foot or by bicycle, and to visit Lucca using the train.