a welcoming place

Braccicorti farmhouse

An invitation to the farmyard’s warmth

The ospitality in Braccicorti began in 1996 after the renovation of an old farm, a small green oasis where you can relax and make base to discover the beauties of Garfagnana.

Happiness from small things‘ is what Giovannetti family, who have established and run the farm Braccicorti with passion, wants to offer to their guests.

Expect a lot of friendliness and the company of friendly animals (dogs, cats and chickens) in a peaceful countryside.

Farming in an eco-sustainable way

The crops (vegetables, spelt, corn, potatoes, wine, apples, small fruits) grown with a sustainable method, are arranged on ancient terraces and from these products we obtain traditional and genuine dishes

Our attention to the environment is also reflected in the use of energy from solar and photovoltaic panels, separate waste collection, composting and the absence of disposable products